Creating Projects that are Good for Local Communities

Fair Play Engagement

The design process for this project will take approximately one year. With the first newsletter, we hope to make people aware of the project in the wider area, recognising that at this stage there is limited information available. As we move through the design, we will focus our initial engagement with our closest neighbours surrounding the proposed site (approximately 2km) as well as updating information as it becomes available on the project website ( Once we have developed sufficient detail in the design after environmental studies and technical wind and site assessments, we will share this with residents and community members in the wider area using a combination of online and printed materials.

We would greatly welcome your feedback and engagement on the project. If you wish to speak to a member of the Lissinagroagh Wind Farm project team or would like to be included in future information updates please subscribe on the contact page, call the project on 087 608 2061  or email

Community Benefit Proposal

Lissinagroagh Wind Farm has the potential to bring significant positive benefit to the local community. The project will create sustainable local employment, it will contribute annual rates to the local authority and it will provide opportunity for local community investment in the project in line with the new Renewable Energy Support Scheme. As with all wind farm projects that FuturEnergy Ireland develops, a community benefit fund will be put in place for the lifetime of the project to provide direct funding to those nearby.

Community Benefit Proposal

Community Benefit Fund

FuturEnergy Ireland expects that for each megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity produced by the wind farm, the project will contribute €2 into a community fund for the RESS period i.e. first 15 years of operation and €1 per MWh for the remaining lifetime of the wind farm.

Community Benefit Fund

Recreation Amenity

FuturEnergy Ireland has a strong history of developing world class recreation amenities within it’s forests. We have also successfully coupled this with the use of these forest sites for renewable energy generation. Examples of this include Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm in Co. Roscommon which welcomed over 30,000 visitors during 2020.


We are very interested in the potential the Lissinagroagh site has in this regard and would welcome any ideas and engagement from the local community as to how this might be developed further.

Recreation Amenity

Project Development Timeline

Mar 2021

Public Launch of Project and Design Iteration 1 Newsletter

Apr 2021

Engagement with local residents starts

Nov 2021

Design Iteration 2 Newsletter distributed and engagement with local residents continues.

Dec 2021

Introduction letter to FuturEnergy Ireland distributed and
engagement with local residents is ongoing.

Mar 2022

Design Iteration 3 Newsletter distributed and engagement with local residents continues.

May 2022

On site surveys are ongoing and engagement continues with local residents.